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The Österreich Institut Moscow was founded in 2018 and is owned by the Austrian Foreign ministry. Our main task is the organization of German language courses and diploma exams. We also cooperate with schools, universities and other institutions in our host countries in order to support teaching and learning German putting special emphasis on the aspects of Austrian culture.

Why should you pick the Österreich Institut Moscow for your language course?

  • qualified and experienced teachers: our teachers are native speakers of German and our Russian teachers have all stayed in Germany/Austria/Switzerland for a considerable amount of time; all of them have an education in the field and at least three years of experience (some more than 20).
  • quality managment: all our courses are evaluated in order to ensure a very high standard in all our courses.
  • wide variety of courses: no other language school in Moscow offers such a variety of courses. This makes it possible to pick the ideal group for you. A levelling test at the beginning further helps to ensure your progress.
  • events: each term there is a good number of events where you can further improve your German or just have a chat with your teachers and the staff; we organize excursions to Vienna, have "real" writers coming to the Institut, exhibitions, a Christmas event and many more.

How to choose a course:

Choose one of our A1.1 courses for complete beginners if

  • you never learned German
  • you learned German but you forgot everything
  • you can introduce yourself and know a few words


Start with our A1-B1 online placement test if

  • you already have some knowledge of German
  • you passed an exam in German
  • your level is intermediate

After we receive the result we will invite you for an oral interview to find the best course for you.


Start with our B2-C1 online placement test if

  • you can communicate in German
  • your level is advanced

After we receive the result we will invite you for an oral interview to find the best course for you.


If you already attended one of our courses, you can register online or in our office, choose the course which was recommended to you by your teachers.

FAQ - frequently asked questions:

I don’t speak Russian. Can I attend your courses?

Yes, of course. All courses are taught in German, even courses for complete beginners. This is the most effective strategy to learn the language. Many foreigners attend our courses and there has never been a problem. If necessary, our teachers can explain basic grammar and vocabulary in English.


Do I get a certificate after my course?

If you attend 70 % of the lessons and pass a test at the end of the course, you will get a confirmation that you attended the course. But it is no official international certificate. If you need an international exam, you can register for ÖSD exams.


Can I attend the first lesson and decide after that whether I want to take the course or not?

Unfortunately this is not possible. But we offer sample lessons before each semester – these lessons are for free. After you experience the lessons you can decide whether you want to take the course or not.

Please contact us for the sample lessons: moskva@oei.org



If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us on:

phone: +7 916 167 12 49


e-mail: moskva@oei.org


You can visit us in our office at ul. Nikoloyamskaya 13/2, 3rd floor


Mon-Fri: 10:00-19:00